The Beringers

We had our church directory pictures a few weeks ago and they turned out so great, we just had to order some!

Here's a few of our favorites.

This one will go in the church directory.

We LOVED this one!


Arlington Youth Tourney

We headed to Arlington today for the youth wrestling tournament.

Brookings had 24 youth at the tournament.

Turner wrestled again and did a GREAT job!

No, Preston is not about to stomp on this kid. :)

Brookings was short on coaches today, so Grandpa Russ got to coach Preston's matches.
Grandpa coached one of Turner's matches too.
Pretty cool!

Pretty proud of this kid!

Lilli Jo is going to be a wrestler too!
Although her dad says she'll be a cheerleader instead.

The ref is explaining a few things to Preston.

He didn't come out with any wins, but he did an AWESOME job today.
I'm so incredibly proud of this kid, he wrestled hard today!

Proud of both of these boys!

The boys with "Coach" Grandpa.


Preston is a Wrestler!

Preston started youth wrestling the beginning of December and he had his first tournament this last Friday night.

Brookings had 36 youth wrestlers at the Cossack Clash tournament in Volga and they tied first for the team trophy! Go Bobcats!!

Preston wrestled three times.
He placed fourth in his group and got a t-shirt and a dog chain. 
[He lost the first match and was pinned in the other two.]

While he didn't come out a big winner, he had a blast and at this point, that's all that matters.
He's excited to get back into practice (the lovely South Dakota weather has caused practice to be cancelled a few times) and I'm excited to watch him learn and progress.

Turner also wrestled Friday night.
He's part of Sioux Valley's youth wrestling program.

Turner placed 2nd in his group!
He did a great job and I'm so proud of him!

[Due to some confusion/miss-communication,
we missed Preston getting on the award stand. Bummer!]

Sioux Valley put on a great tournament and it was a crazy, fun Friday night!


All Things Christmas

Beringer Christmas

Bjerke Christmas

We surprised Mom & Dad with tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert at Arrowhead Stadium.
Mom was SO excited!

Our Christmas

Cookies for Santa

We had a blessed Christmas with our families and a wonderful New Year!

Lilli Jo's Christmas Program

Lilli Jo had her first Christmas program for Preschool back in mid-December.
This girl... she LOVED being on stage.
It was so much fun to watch her and all the other little kids up there. They did a great job!